Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Troubled by Mormons?? Really?? Read on!

There is big concern in Political circles, over the religion of the soon to be announced Republican party candidate for president.                      I am sure that over the next few weeks there will be much hullaballoo over a President being Mormon. This same hullaballoo was generated when John F Kennedy ran for President many years ago over his religion and he was Catholic. As far as I know, there really haven't been any Mormons known to cause or be involved in terrorist acts.

From what I have seen in the world during the period of my life, the only religious group that has regularly engaged in terror are Muslim extremists. Not Catholics. Not Mormons. Nor Episcopalians. Not Lutherans. Not Jews.

A situation that I find interesting is that no one except the Conservative Americans questioned the religion of the current President. The only reference I can find with regards to Reverend Wrights' religion refer to him as a pastor at a "black church". (See Wikipedia) His father was listed as a Baptist. What is known widely is his open hatred and contempt for the United States of America. His sermons are divisive espouse hate and retribution toward white Americans as the big evil.


While there has been no clear statement of which religion, if any, that this church is linked to, President Obama had attended these sermons for over twenty years. During the election, Obama tried to distance himself from Wright, but was unable to deny that Wright had baptised Obama's children and performed the marriage ceremony of the Obama's. Religion of hate? Possibly.

An even more interesting and NOTICEABLE OMISSION is that of HARRY REID. He has been in the Senate for years and is a devout Mormon!!!. Yes, that's right.  Harry Reid may have a separation of Church and State issue of his own to deal with.  

I have never met Harry Reid and would not want to waste my time doing so. I have however met man Mormons. Since I haven't met Harry Reid, I can tell you that  I never met a Mormon I didn't like..

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